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Quick Start - Initial Users Setup & Help Guide

1. Create A Login Account

2. Create Image Categories

3. Add Images to Category

4. Create Speech Sets

5. Adding Speech Boards to Speech Sets

6. Designing Speech Boards

7. Creating Picture Buttons

8. AACSpeechBuddy APP Profiles

 1) Create a Login Account:[↑ Return to Menu]
If you have a Facebook login you can quickly and easily set up your account by clicking on the Facebook Login icon. This will link your Facebook account data to a newly created AACSpeechBuddy account automatically.
If you do not have a Facebook account, or do not wish to link in your Facebook data, enter in your Email, Name, and Password at the Create Account Page. An account setup email will be sent to the entered Email Address. Simply click on the link in the email and your account setup will be complete.
Log into the system once you have created an account
 2) Create Image Categories:[↑ Return to Menu]
If you want or need to add your own images, click on ‘My Images’. It is not required to use your own images if you do not want to. We have 2000+ images available online already for you to use. Skip this step if you do not have any custom images to upload.
A default Image Category is automatically created for you called ‘My Images’. This name is simply a descriptive categorization of the images contained in it and can be changed by clicking ‘Edit Name’. You can add as many additional Image Categories as you wish by clicking ‘Add New Image Category’.
Select the ‘Show Images’ button to list, add or delete images to the selected category.
 3) Add Images to Category:[↑ Return to Menu]
Click on ‘Click Here to Add Images’ and select the images to upload. Up to 100 images can be selected for upload at a time. Your images will automatically be resized and displayed by the server as they are uploaded.
Image name and category can be edited, or the image can be deleted by clicking the corresponding buttons.
There is no limit to the number of images per category.
 4) Create Speech Sets:[↑ Return to Menu]
Begin creating your custom Speech Sets and Menus by clicking on 'My Speech Sets' from the Main Menu.
A default Profile called 'My Profile', and a default Speech Set called 'My Speech Set' will be automatically created for you.
Click on the Speech Set Name to rename it or assign it to other Profiles.
Additional Speech Sets can be added by clicking 'New Speech Set'. There is no limit to the number of Speech Sets you can create.
Click on 'Speech Boards' to edit and modify your Boards.
A default Speech Board called 'Home Menu' is already created for you, and set to be the inital 'Start Menu' for this Set.
 5) Adding Speech Boards to Speech Sets:[↑ Return to Menu]
Additional Boards can be created by clicking 'Add Speech Board'. There is no limit to the number of Speech Boards that can be in a Set.
The 'Start Menu' radio button next on each row controls which Speech Board is initially displayed for the Set.
Any Board within the Set can be the 'Start Menu'.
Click on 'Picture Buttons' to configure the contents of the Speech Board. Each Board may contain up to 12 buttons. Each button can be either a link to another Board, or a 'Speaking Button'.
 6) Designing Speech Boards:[↑ Return to Menu]
Initially there will be no buttons configured. Click on 'Add Button' to create a new button. Up to 12 buttons can be created on each Speech Board.
The default image will be set to a Question Mark, the default text will be set to 'Default'.
The Arrow Button under the image will move the button position one place to the right, if you have more than one button configured. The 'X' Button under the image will remove it.
Edit the text, voice, image, and behavior characteristics by clicking on the Button Image.
 7) Creating Picture Buttons:[↑ Return to Menu]
The Sound is configured by choosing one of the six possible voices, entering the words you want associated with this button, and clicking 'Save Sound'.
The optional Phonetic text can be used to have the text-to-speech engine say one thing, while displaying something different.
Select 'Play Saved Sound' to hear your generated Speech.
Choose the Button Type by selecting the appropriate radio button next to the action needed.
Select an Image Category from the pulldown menu. Your custom Image Categories with your personal Images, along with over 2000 industry standard PECS images are available to choose from. Clicking on the selected image updates the Button Image.

Once the needed Sets, Speech Boards, and Buttons have been created, the data is ready to be loaded to your mobile device.
From the Main Menu, click on 'My Profiles'.
 8) AACSpeechBuddy APP Profiles:[↑ Return to Menu]
When the profile was created, a profile key was automatically assigned. The displayed Key next to each Profile Name is the information entered into your mobile device configuration.
Additional Profiles can be created by clicking 'New Profile'. There is no limit to the number of Profiles each user can create.
Click on 'View/Edit' to rename the Profile, or to change the included Speech Sets in this Profile.
On your mobile device, select ‘Speech Sets’, and then ‘Profile Key’. Enter in the assigned profile key. Touch ‘Update Speech Sets’ to refresh the list of menus available if needed.